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Archive for November 2012

Plan now for Canada Geese control

Plan now to prevent this from happening to you!  Canada geese are large and intelligent birds that are a frequent cause of complaint for managers of parks, lake associations, corporate parks, golf courses, and even backyards. Without realizing it, many properties provide ideal goose habitat. Open water, an extensive food supply, and lots of open space…

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Remnants of the Past

Come spring 2013, I am looking forward to visiting a place in Massachusetts that I have found fascinating.  It is Red Tail Golf Club, an 18-hole, daily-fee golf course designed by Brian Silva and located in the southeastern corner of the former Fort Devens Military Reservation in the Town of Harvard. Fort Devens served for…

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Finding local resources on the web

I was visiting a member last week and spent quite a bit of time discussing different ways the environmental plan could be improved. One of their big issues was that there is no recycling in the town. He had called different waste haulers in the area, none of which recycled, and was looking for further…

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