BioBlitz 2018: 3rd Place: Southern Flying Squirrel: Ironwood Golf Course, MI (Photo credit: Kim Davidson)


BioBlitz is a free species-counting competition designed to showcase the environmental value of the natural habitats found on golf courses. Participants such as golfers and their families, youth groups, community members, and local environmental experts gather to enjoy nature while counting plant and animal species located on each property. The program is open to any golf course worldwide, including those unaffiliated with Audubon International.

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Monarchs in the Rough Program

Who can join: Golf Courses in North America (Certain US states qualify for grant support. Ask us if you qualify!)

The Monarchs in the Rough Program is a joint effort between Audubon International and the Environmental Defense Fund with the goal of reversing the decline of the monarch butterfly population by creating monarch habitats on North America’s golf courses.  In the last 20 years, monarchs have declined by 90%.  This program works to reverse this trend by establishing essential habitat for butterflies, increasing awareness of conservation challenges, and providing technical support for projects on-the-ground.

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Monarchs in the Rough
Raptor Relocation Network

Raptor Relocation Network

The Raptor Relocation Network connects Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program member golf courses with airport wildlife managers across the country who are trapping and relocating raptors at airports for safety reasons, including bird strikes. The program is designed to protect raptors – including hawks, ospreys and owls – by relocating them to safer, more suitable habitat on golf courses within the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program which are being managed with wildlife habitat in mind.

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