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The USGA is a global leader in the development and support of sustainable golf course management practices. Since 1991, Audubon International has worked in partnership with the USGA to offer the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses, an award-winning education and certification program that promotes ecologically-sound land management and the conservation of natural resources on golf courses. 

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United is committed to operating sustainably and responsibly. This commitment means they strive to minimize the environmental impacts associated with their operations and continuously look for ways to reduce their footprint in the air, on the ground and at their facilities. From fuel efficiency and emissions reduction, to sustainable products and materials management, United is a travel industry leader in environmental action. Their partnership with Audubon International on our Raptor Relocation Program, and their membership in our Green Hospitality Program, exemplify their commitment to green business management. 


epar formed in 2002 and is Australian sports most trusted environment, health and safety compliance brand.  They know the destination of every golf business is a Future Ready organization and proudly develop golf specific best-in-class digital compliance solutions. Their innovative digital cloud based program - “Connect 2.0” - ensures a great user experience and delivers impact that matters when your club is are ready to make the digital transformation move.

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BioBoost Nest is a pond bioremediation unit that offers a chemical-free alternative to treating algae, odor and murkiness in water features. These Nests provide the ideal conditions for beneficial bacteria to flourish and counteract nutrient overload. Nests have been installed in thousands of ponds across the country in settings such as golf courses, municipal parks, botanical gardens and zoos, playing an integral part in initiatives to reduce or eliminate chemical use and help create beautiful pond ecosystems that are safe for people, pets, fish and wildlife. BioBoost Nest is committed to changing the way we clean water, one pond at a time, and is extremely proud to support Audubon International in creating environmentally sustainable environments.

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Since 2007 Porous Pave has been the national leader in providing eco-efficient paving solutions made from scrap tires. The company has transformed over 23 million lbs. of scrap tires into over 7 million square feet of aesthetically pleasing paving solutions.  Their products are incredibly strong and permeable, allowing in excess of 5,800 gallons of water to pass through per square foot per hour.  Porous Pave solutions are ADA compliant, slip resistant and flexible & durable enough to withstand freeze/thaw cycles and expansive soil. Available in numerous colors, Porous Pave products excel in applications such as paths/trails, tree surrounds, golf course cart paths & bunker liners and numerous other applications. Installations can be completed by a network of certified installers or done in-house following training from Porous Pave.


WaterIQ Technologies, the leader in next-generation ultrasonic solutions to combat harmful algae and biofilm without the use of chemicals, is proud to be a sponsor of Audubon International. This sponsorship will promote algae-free water sustainability practices for communities, municipalities, and golf courses.

WaterIQ Technologies combines world-class go-to-market engagement, technical expertise, innovative technology, and business processes to sustainably address the world’s growing algae crisis. The company works closely with its dealer partners to remediate dangerous algae growth in a variety of markets, including drinking water utilities, wastewater treatment plants, general agriculture, golf courses, and homeowners’ associations.

Business Supporters

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M&T Bank Corporation is one of the 20 largest US headquartered commercial bank holding companies, with more than 2,000 M&T Bank ATMs and more than 15,000 employees throughout New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, Florida, Delaware and Toronto, Canada. M&T Bank and its employees take an active and engaged role in their communities. As part of its approach, M&T supplies millions of dollars in funding every year to a wide range of community-based organizations.

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Founded in 1824, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) is the nation’s oldest technological university. The university offers degrees from five schools: Engineering; Science; Architecture; Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; and the Lally School of Management & Technology; as well as an interdisciplinary degree in Information Technology and Web Science. Institute programs serve undergraduates, graduate students, and working professionals around the world.


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