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  United States Golf Association
The USGA is a global leader in the development and support of sustainable golf course management practices. It serves as a primary steward for the game’s history, and funds an ongoing “For the Good of the Game” grants program. Since 1991, Audubon International has worked in partnership with the USGA to offer the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses, an award-winning education and certification program that promotes ecologically-sound land management and the conservation of natural resources on golf courses. 


Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply
Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply is the largest family-owned supplier of landscape and water management products in the country. Ewing offers commercial and residential irrigation supplies, water management and sustainable solutions, landscape and turf products, hardscape, landscape lighting, water features, erosion control, industry-leading seminars and more to professionals serving the landscaping, sports field, golf and agricultural industries.

LINNE Industries
LINNE Industries is the manufacturer of the PondHawk® Solar Pond Aeration System (pat. pending). Founded in August 2013 and based in Newark, Delaware, LINNE Industries designs and manufactures sustainable energy products that improve the environment while providing best-in-class energy systems that deliver dynamic solutions for their customers. PondHawk is the first fully-integrated pond aeration system that improves water quality, eliminates algae, and restores habitat without power delivery or electric costs. For more information, please visit www.LINNEIndustries.com.

The American Golf Trail
The American Golf Trail is an exciting and innovative new way for golfers to discover, explore, and affordably play 500 of the top-tier public-access golf courses in the U.S.

The Trail was conceived and designed to elevate the exceptional American public-access courses that are typically just off the various Top 100 lists curated by different golf publications. The Trail’s founders believe that thousands of courses worthy of praise don’t get the attention they deserve, so they devised a way for golfers to discover, play, and share these gems with fellow golf enthusiasts.

Golfers have the opportunity to select a charitable organization to receive a portion of the proceeds collected through the American Golf Trail App. Audubon International is proud to be an option!

Draingarde Water Protection

A SIMPLE SOLUTION to maintain golf courses & turf grass surfaces in an ecologically friendly and environmentally sustainable manner


M&T Bank
M&T Bank Corporation is one of the 20 largest US headquartered commercial bank holding companies, with more than 2,000 M&T Bank ATMs and more than 15,000 employees throughout New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, Florida, Delaware and Toronto, Canada. M&T Bank and its employees take an active and engaged role in their communities. As part of its approach, M&T supplies millions of dollars in funding every year to a wide range of community-based organizations.


Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies, Inc.
Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc. helps protect precious water resources by changing the way cities around the world manage nutrients in water streams, and by producing a fertilizer that significantly reduces the risk of leaching and runoff further protecting local waterways from nutrient rich water.


As a leading worldwide provider of innovative turf, landscape, rental and construction equipment, and irrigation and outdoor lighting solutions, Toro helps customers care for golf courses, sports fields, public green spaces, commercial and residential properties, and agricultural fields.

  Bio ClearWater Solutions
Bio ClearWater Solutions uses a green technology approach, tailor-made to your needs to solve water quality issues for your pond or lake aquatic ecosystem. We will design a non-chemical program to service your pond or lake to naturally balance it to a pristine, clear water body.
Blue Planet Environmental Inc.
Blue Planet Environmental Inc. has developed residential, commercial and industrial products using technologies such as nano bubbles in order to improve water quality, increase oxygen levels, pursue water and energy conservation strategies, and other benefits. The company designs its solutions to maximize the restorative properties of water and to conserve water usage.

Growing Solutions Inc.
Growing Solutions is a leader in PH control in the golf and turf industry. They provide cutting-edge technology for golf courses and maintenance facilities. From biological products for courses to environmental centers for maintenance facilities, they provide products that are environmentally friendly.

R&R Products, Inc.
R&R Products, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of replacement parts for the commercial golf and turf industry. Since 1971, R&R continues to expand its lines of turf equipment, replacement parts, golf course accessories, irrigation, safety and maintenance tools. In R&R’s commitment to environmental concerns and sustainability, they are manufacturing the first Propane Powered Golf / Turf Equipment.
  Sediment Removal Solutions
SRS uses a hydraulic method of pumping sediments and sludge from ponds and lakes, an extremely clean and cost-effective way of removing the sludge and toxic gases without the use of heavy equipment. The method also does not interfere with the existing wild and aquatic life and enhances the water clarity and quality. 

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Founded in 1824, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) is the nation’s oldest technological university. The university offers degrees from five schools: Engineering; Science; Architecture; Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; and the Lally School of Management & Technology; as well as an interdisciplinary degree in Information Technology and Web Science. Institute programs serve undergraduates, graduate students, and working professionals around the world.

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