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BioBlitz is a free species-counting competition designed to showcase the environmental value of the natural habitats found on golf courses. Participants such as golfers and their families, youth groups, community members, and local environmental experts gather to enjoy nature while counting plant and animal species located on each property. The program is open to any golf course worldwide, including those unaffiliated with Audubon International.


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Audubon International has developed numerous educational fact sheets intended to assist our members in managing the natural resources and wildlife on their properties and communicating their environmental goals successfully. We also have easy to read, one-page fact sheets on each of our certification programs.


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Audubon International is always happy to present our content at conferences, forums, and via webinar, and we are always excited to hear about new speaking engagement opportunities. If you'd like us to speak at your event please reach out to our CEO, Christine Kane, to see how we might able to be involved.


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