BioBlitz is a free species-counting competition designed to showcase the environmental value of the natural habitats found on golf courses. Participants such as golfers and their families, youth groups, community members, and local environmental experts gather to enjoy nature while counting plant and animal species located on each property. The program is open to any golf course worldwide, including those unaffiliated with Audubon International.

2023 BioBlitz Results are IN!

Following a three-year COVID-19 hiatus, we are proud to have offered our 7th annual BioBlitz. Our amazing participants set a record with nearly 500 volunteers and more than 3,000 identified wildlife species!  



Biodiversity Award

1st Place with 607 species: Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club, FL, USA

2nd Place with 444 species: Meadow Club, CA, USA

3rd Place with 405 species: Ironwood Golf Course, MI, USA


Community Engagement Award

1st Place with 247 people: Southwinds Golf Course, FL, USA

2nd Place with 87 people: Glencoe Golf Course, IL, USA

3rd Place with 40 people: University of Maryland, MD, USA


Best Photo Award

1st Place: University of Maryland, MD, USA

2nd Place: Glencoe Golf Club, IL, USA

3rd Place: Poplar Creek Golf Course, CA, USA

Want to learn more about BioBlitz and how to participate next year? Contact Environmental Program Specialist, Kelsey King, for more details!

2019 BioBlitz Results

2019 Winners

Most Species

1st Place with 576 species: Bay Oaks Country Club, TX, USA

2nd Place with 508 species: Naples Lakes Country Club, FL, USA

3rd Place with 456 species: Harbour Ridge Yacht and Country Club, FL, USA

Most Participants

1st Place with 271 people: Southwinds Golf Course, FL, USA

2nd Place with 71 people: Park Ridge Golf Course, FL, USA

3rd Place with 52 people: Arrowhead Country Club, IL, USA

Best Photograph

1st Place:  Southwinds Golf Course, FL, USA

2nd Place: Bay Oaks, TX, USA

3rd Place: Osprey Point, FL, USA