Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens

I have had the great privilege of traveling across the country visiting First Tee sites and helping them plan for and implement course improvement projects. These experiences have confirmed my great respect for golf course superintendents, especially their creativity and ability to get things done.

I spent last Saturday with The First Tee of Greater Kansas and Sandy Queen and his crew went all out to plan a fantastic event. Despite drought, soaring temperatures, and preparing for a massive youth tournament later in the week, this Live Green! event went off without a hitch. 

My favorite project was the creation of a rain garden that captured water off a portion of the clubhouse roof and collected it in this nifty rain barrel. Note the all important sign that lets visitors know what it is and why it has been installed. 

Collected rainwater can then be released down a wooden chute into this garden, planted by First Tee participants. Plants were chosen that can grow under a variety of conditions. 

The garden is located in a prime location in front of the clubhouse and will be an inspiration for visitors with its beauty and functionality.

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