Parkland Golf and Country Club Awarded Audubon International’s Gold Signature Certification

Audubon International is proud to announce that Parkland Golf and Country Club, a Toll Brothers property, recently achieved designation as an Audubon International Gold Signature Sanctuary. Working with new developments, Audubon International’s Signature Program is a voluntary environmental education and certification program designed to foster sustainable land development. Drawing on the Principles of Sustainable Resource Management and nearly twenty years of experience working on sustainable land development projects, Signature certification is awarded only to new developments that are designed, constructed, and maintained according to Audubon International’s precise planning standards and environmental disciplines. Only 23 developments worldwide have achieved gold certification, and Parkland Golf and Country Club by Toll Brothers is only the ninth in Florida to receive the honor.

“From the time of their initial registration in the Signature Program, Parkland staff has demonstrated their cooperation and willingness to make decisions that positively affect wildlife habitat, water conservation, and the ecosystems that sustain life,” states Signature Programs Director, Nancy Richardson. “Their commitment to environmental excellence will continue to provide significant benefits to the natural resources on and surrounding the golf and residential property.”

Parkland Golf & Country Club by Toll Brothers is a gated community located southwest of Boca Raton, Florida. Distinguished by a Greg Norman-designed 18-hole championship golf course, this Broward County community offers distinct collections of single-family and villa-style homes as well as a Sports Center featuring pool, spa, tennis, and fitness area. Building on a location that was already disturbed by agricultural row crops, Audubon International and the landowner worked cooperatively on the 790 acres to restore habitat and to provide a cohesive educational program aimed at golfers, residents, and visitors. The goal of the educational program at Parkland is to reintroduce native vegetation and keep the natural environment as a prominent feature in the lives of the residents and members.

Arguably the most impressive natural features on the site are the three remnant ecosystems including the low hammock, the cypress heads, and the pine flatwoods. Not only does each system host specialized plant species unique to the elevation and soil type, but each provides a habitat for a variety of species of birds, mammals and amphibians. In addition to providing walking trails throughout the community, Toll Brothers dedicated a 2.64 acre botanical garden with water features near the sales center. The intent of the garden is to educate visitors about Floridian ecosystems by incorporating a variety of native plants and interpretive information throughout the design.

“Parkland Golf and Country Club reflects Toll Brothers’ commitment to build homes and communities that preserve and honor the natural environment,” said Toll Brothers Vice President Jim McDade. “We are proud to be recognized for our efforts at Parkland Golf and Country Club by Toll Brothers and pleased to be among select communities that have earned Audubon International’s elite Certified Gold Signature Sanctuary designation.”   

For more information about the Audubon International Signature Program contact Nancy Richardson, Director, Audubon International Signature & Classic Programs at, or by phone at 270-869-9419.

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