Osprey Point Named Certified Classic Sanctuary

Audubon International is proud to partner with the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department to address the sustainability of renovation and management of recreational projects within the county. Specifically, Osprey Point Golf Course recently achieved designation as a Certified Classic Sanctuary by Audubon International. To achieve this designation, Osprey Point has met or exceeded, eco-design and development criteria based on Audubon International’s Principles of Sustainable Resource Management. Osprey Point is the fifth project in the world, the second in the United States, and the first in Florida to meet this standard.

“Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department is honored to be part of a leading group of golf course operators dedicated to preserving and promoting the environment. With the support of Palm Beach County Commissioners and Administrators, the facility development team and County staff and contractors at Osprey Point Golf Course, have done a tremendous job pursuing and obtaining certification with Audubon International,” said Paul Connell, Golf Operations Supervisor for Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department.

The Osprey Point Golf Course is a 27-hole course built as part of the 550-acre South County Regional Park in Boca Raton, Florida. The property, owned and operated by Palm Beach County, is bordered by the Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge to the north and west while the remainder of the property is surrounded by residential development. Originally used as a shell quarry and pasture, the property is broken up by a large lake and a series of canals that provide habitat and corridors for wildlife. After the county purchased the property, it was developed into two separate parcels. An amphitheater and open park was built on the eastern parcel while Case Golf developed three nine-hole courses on the western parcel. Later combining the three courses, the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department created Osprey Point Golf Course.

Water quality management standards and best management practices are pivotal for Osprey Point Golf Course to protect Osprey habitat and the surrounding water bodies. Special management zones are closely monitored and before water is released from storage ponds it first empties into either dry or wet retention areas, bio-swales, or littoral shelves. Other best management practices include the use soil moisture sensors to improve watering efficiency and equipment wash water recycling systems.

For more information about the Audubon International Signature & Classic Programs contact Nancy Richardson, Director, Audubon International Signature & Classic Programs at signature@auduboninternational.org, or by phone at 270-869-9419.

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