Interactive Native Habitat

One of the important lessons that we have learned over the years is that small projects can have large impacts. As an example, when the staff at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge in Snoqualmie, WA finished adding a pool to the grounds, they took the opportunity to not only restore the nearby area to pre-construction status, but specifically enhance the area to create food and shelter for birds while also providing an observation areas for members.

For member comfort, some sod was laid down so members could easily access the area. Then the area was landscaped with native plants, including ferns, salmonberry, huckleberry, Oregon grape, and other fruit bearing shrubs.

The $800 in materials and staff time were considered well worth the cost. Future plans are to add signage and label the plants to further increase the educational value of this demonstration area.

This small area, so easily accessible, provides a focal point for how the staff cares for the environment, and is highlighted during Earth Day. It has also increased awareness and appreciation of all the natural areas surrounding the golf course. “The finished result was a native area restored with the added attribute of facilitating wildlife observation and relaxation courtesy of Mother Nature.”

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