Holiday Recycling

First and foremost, Happy New 

Year and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2013. 

As we wrap up the holidays, I thought I would throw out some ideas for the greenery that is a part of so many holiday decorations. This coming weekend we will take it our Christmas tree and reuse to hang suet blocks and fruit for the birds. After it has served that purpose, we will then cut off the branches to mulch around our berry bushes. 

In the past we have also collected our neighbors’ trees left out at the curb to pile up along the driveway to help cut down on snow drifts. Thankfully, the trees we have planted are fulfilling that job now, but I thought it worth mentioning in case you have the same issue. 

Many of our members will collect trees and sink them in their ponds to provide fish habitat. If the ponds are frozen, placing them on top of the ice to await the melt can be effective. Either way, be sure to attach some type of weight so they don’t end up floating on top of the water. 

Either composting or chipping is another popular method of recycling Christmas trees. If you do not have the space or equipment to do this yourself, many municipalities have compost facilities that will collect trees. To find a facility in your area, go to

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