Changing the world, one idea at a time

Three years ago, someone had an idea to help The First Tee chapters across the country to conduct environmental improvements at their host golf courses. With support from the FedEx Cup and now Toro we have done course improvement projects at fourteen golf courses and have a number more planned. 

Today, because of that idea, over a hundred people got up this morning and headed to The Bob O’Connor Golf Course in Pittsburgh, PA. Today, because of that idea, we planted wildflowers on the course in an area that used to be maintained turfgrass. Those wildflowers will provide food and shelter for a variety of wildlife. 

Because of that idea, we were all connected to the red-tailed hawk, who perched in a nearby tree to watch us improve its home. We educated over 100 individuals about habitat, turfgrass management, and how each of us is connected to everybody and everything else. 

What idea will you wake up with tomorrow that will change the world?

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