Audubon International & e-par USA to Promote Voluntary Environmental Programs in Golf

Audubon International and e-par USA are pleased to announce a series of “Lunch & Learn” webinars on the value of voluntary environmental programs for golf course superintendents to take place throughout April and May of 2015. 

Building from a joint presentation recently delivered at the Metropolitan GCSA Chapter Education Session, Audubon International Executive Director Doug Bechtel and e-par USA President & CEO Kevin A. Fletcher, Ph.D., will deliver a series of 30-minute live webinars designed to:

  • Present data highlighting the economic and environmental value of third-party voluntary environmental programs;
  • Provide a forum for golf course superintendents to learn more about both the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf (ACSP) and the e-par Environmental Management System (EMS) for Golf;
  • Describe how a combination of various programs can be used to enhance ongoing efforts to protect and conserve water, wildlife, and other natural resources;
  • Highlight the ways golf course superintendents can gain additional benefits from these programs, such as professional development and training for assistant superintendents;
  • Explore lessons-learned from Golf Course Superintendents currently using the ACSP and the e-par EMS to meet their environmental performance goals.

These sessions are built on a collaboration recently taken by the two organizations in an effort to inspire the next wave of environmental leadership in golf. As Cornell University Professor Frank Rossi states, “I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Kevin and Doug present their progressive view of environmental programs for golf. I feel their approach will help superintendents understand the best way forward when considering establishing a recognized environmental performance program at their facility.”

The schedule for the webinar series is as follows:

  • East Coast Webinars—12:00pm Eastern: April 1st, April 15th, and May 11th 
  • Central/Mountain Webinars—1:30pm Eastern (12:30 Central): April 2nd, April 16th, and May 13th 
  • West Coast Webinars—3:00pm Eastern (Noon Pacific): April 1st, April 15th, and May 11th 

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Along with this “Lunch & Learn” series, Audubon International and e-par USA are also pursuing opportunities to deliver joint presentations at golf association meeting throughout 2015.

“If we’re to continue to help golf course owners, managers, and superintendents throughout the industry lead on environmental issues beyond the current state, it only makes sense for like-minded organizations to work collaboratively. It certainly starts with more effective outreach and education,” said Fletcher. 

“E-par-USA and Audubon International share a similar mission to enhance golf course’s business operations while certifying best practices,” said Bechtel. “We hope to demystify voluntary programs and offer stories and data that demonstrate the balance of economic, social, and environmental benefits certification programs provide.”

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