Green Neighborhoods

About the Green Neighborhoods Program

The Green Neighborhoods program engages community groups in projects that protect and enhance the land, water, wildlife, and other natural resources around them. The benefits of the program are numerous, including the creation of a sense of community within your group; enhancement of natural areas for neighborhood residents and wildlife; and the conservation and protection of valuable local resources.

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Green Neighborhoods Program
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A Backyard Approach to Environmental Stewardship

Green Neighborhoods members make a commitment to complete at least one environmental improvement project each year and report their results. Projects are selected from five environmental tracks: wildlife; water; outreach and education; resource management; and community awareness. All projects are designed to be fun and engaging, with a range from beginner to more advanced. Currently Green Neighborhoods members are planting gardens for wildlife, cleaning up streams, and recycling.

After joining the program, Green Neighborhoods members receive educational resources and guidance from Audubon International staff to help them complete their projects. Each completed project is recognized by Audubon International with an Audubon Project Award.

The Environmental Stewardship Award is given to neighborhoods that complete three or more projects within one year. Green Neighborhoods members that establish a Neighborhood Audubon Committee and complete the Neighborhood Assessment and Environmental Plan, in addition to completing at least one project in each of the five environmental tracks, are eligible for a Neighborhood for Nature Award, the highest Audubon International honor for existing neighborhoods.Annual program membership fees are $250 (USD).

"The Green Neighborhoods Program with Audubon International has allowed the concept and language of sustainability to become the central focus of much of what we do in Redwoods Meadows, Alberta. We have a healthier, educated, and more aware population in our town because of the program."

- Redwood Meadows, Member

Green Neighborhoods Program

Benefits of Membership

Protecting and sustaining the natural environment in and around the place where you live is not merely the right thing to do. Members of the Green Neighborhoods™ program also see value in their participation in the program in the following ways:

  • Building a “sense of community” among residents.
  • Assisting in improving the aesthetic quality of the community or neighborhood in a way that is also positive for the environment.
  • Saving money and learning to reduce excess waste, energy, and reduce resource-use costs.
  • Improving image and reputation from people adjacent to your community.
  • Gaining a marketing advantage and attracting new homeowners to your community.