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About the Classic Program

Owners and managers of golf course properties with existing land uses have expressed interest in joining a program of similar rigor to the Signature Program for new developments. These properties include golf courses, golf communities, and golf resorts being redeveloped or going through restoration for improvement, while maintaining the same use. The Classic Program is based upon Audubon International’s experience working with multiple property types and also takes into account that some properties have been developed for certain uses and might be constrained by the prior development. 
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Redeveloping for the Environment

Members of the Classic Program must meet minimum program requirements, plus any additional site-specific requirements identified by Audubon International.  In the process of seeking certification, members host several site visits, submit monthly project progress reports, and implement a Property Management Plan. Standards for certification are equivalent to those of the Signature Program, and are subject to a final on-site audit of the property.

The property manager will be the key contact for Audubon International throughout the redevelopment or restoration phase as well during operation and maintenance.  Proper construction and subsequent operation of the property in a sustainable manner depends on a how well versed the property manager is in environmental stewardship and well  informed about the governing Classic Property Management Plan (CPMP) and the reasons for  the requirements, procedures, and practices it contains.  

Meeting the general  minimum requirements applicable to all members is necessary to become a Certified Audubon Classic Sanctuary, but does not guarantee that designation.  The Classic Program seeks more than the minimum.  A member that will not do more than meet the minimum requirements lacks the commitment to environmental stewardship that certification as a Classic Sanctuary implies.  To become certified as a Certified Audubon Classic Sanctuary, a property must meet whatever additional, site-specific conditions and requirements are reasonable in light of its particular resources, features, facilities, and other circumstances.  

These additional requirements are identified and negotiated with the property owner and manager during development of the CPMP and other environmental stewardship planning documents  for the property.A project that complies with the minimum requirements for all Classic projects and meets applicable site-specific requirements is designated as a Certified Audubon Classic Sanctuary.

In order to join the Classic Program a property must apply for membership. Applications will be reviewed by Audubon International to ensure that the proposed project is a good fit for the Classic Program. A one-time, non-refundable program membership fee of $4,500 (USD) is required once the application has been approved. Annual program membership fees thereafter are $500 (USD) for all properties. 


For information about joining the
Classic Program,
-please contact Georgie N-ugent at

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