A Guide to Environmental Stewardship at Your Business

This guide offers strategies for creating an environmental plan in five focal areas, including wildlife and habitat management, water conservation, energy use, waste management, and outreach and education. 


A Guide to Environmental Stewardship for Hotels

This guide offers practical strategies for creating a more eco-efficient lodging facility. Includes information on creating a culture of environmental stewardship, opportunities for eco-efficiency in four focal areas (energy, resource conservation, pollution prevention, and environmental management), and offers steps for success.


A Guide to Environmental Stewardship on the Golf Course

This essential guide offers practical conservation management strategies for your golf course and suggests ways to integrate them into your on-going maintenance activities. Includes information on environmental planning, managing wildlife habitat and water resources, integrated pest management, pollution prevention, and outreach and education strategies.


Landscape Restoration Handbook

From the West Coast Mountains to the Southern Coastal Plains, this complete reference includes essential details about dominant ecological communities, upland, wetland, and estuarine systems, and native plant species identification and selection. It is an invaluable reference for anyone serious about landscape restoration and sustainable land management practices.  


Managing Wildlife Habitat on Golf Courses

This books gives a user-friendly framework for successful environmentally sensitive land management practices. Includes projects, case studies, and an essential foundation for anyone interested in the potential value of golf courses as wildlife habitat. Not just for golf course superintendents.


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