Thank you to all of the courses that participated in BioBlitz 2017 for demonstrating what wonderful habitats golf courses can be! This year, hundreds of enthusiastic community volunteers documented almost 2,000 unique species of animals, plants, fungi and insects living on golf courses around the world. 

Now in its third year, Audubon International’s BioBlitz creates an opportunity for school children, community members, golfers, and more to take a closer look at the habitats provided on golf courses. In addition to demonstrating the large diversity of species on golf courses, the competition also engages local interest and support of the green space and recreational opportunities they provide to their towns. Participants from North America to South Africa competed for three awards for most species counted, most participants, and best photo.

The winners of this year's competition are as follows:

Most Species

1st Place with 532 species: Jekyll Island Golf Club, GA, USA

2nd Place with 396 species: Naples Lakes Country Club, FL, USA

3rd Place with 380 species: Pine Valley Golf Club, NJ, USA

Most Participants

1st Place with 144 people: Park Ridge Golf Course, FL, USA

2nd Place with 95 people: Jekyll Island Golf Club, GA, USA

3rd Place with 52 people: The Links at Fancourt, South Africa

Best Photo Contest

1st Place with the Bobcat: The Villages, FL, USA (Photo credit: Tom Lamb)

2nd Place with the Cape Lappet Moth Caterpillar: The Links at Fancourt, South Africa (Photo credit: Sally Adam)

3rd Place with the Sandhill Cranes with Chicks: The Villages, FL, USA (Photo credit: Tom Lamb)

See the slideshow below for 2017 BioBlitz Photo Contest Runners Up. 

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