Thank you to all of the courses that participated in BioBlitz 2017 for demonstrating what wonderful habitats golf courses can be! We will be announcing the winners of the awards in the categories of Most Species, Most Participants, and Best Photo shortly. 

In 2016, 33 courses across the world to participated, and found a total number of 3118 unique species and 1274 total participants.  Total species, which included animals, plants, fungi and insects increased by 40% from 2015's BioBlitz total, and the number of participants increased by an incredible 78%!  Winners from 2016 were as follows:

Most Species

1st Place with 910 Species: Venice Golf & Country Club, FL, USA 

2nd Place with 526 Species: Naples Lakes Country Club, FL, USA 

3rd Place with 430 Species: Jekyll Island Club, GA, USA 

Most Participants

1st Place with 161 People: Jekyll Island Club, GA, USA 

2nd Place with 121 people: Park Ridge Golf Club, FL, USA 

3rd Place with 110 People: Southwinds Golf Course, FL, USA 

Best Photo Contest

1st Place with the Florida Softshell Turtle: Shadow Wood Country Club, FL, USA

2nd Place with the Great Egret Chicks: Jekyll Island Club, GA, USA 

3rd Place with the Barred Owl: TPC Deere Run, IL, USA 

See the slideshow below for 2016 BioBlitz Photo Contest Runner Ups, and 2015 Photo Contest Participants.

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